Vibration analysis - Progressive monitoring system

Vibration analysis monitors the machine's physical condition through the non-invasive analysis of the vibrations it creates. The results are trended to providing a detailed history of the equipment


Vibration monitoring is an exceptional tool when utilised in conjunction with an oil analysis program. It provides a mechanism for the detection of bearing looseness and high & low frequency faults between the bearings and gears. Vibration can also be utilised to optimise the lubrication routines for the equipment determining the optimum lubrication quantity and frequency requirements for the equipment.

Similarly to the oil condition monitoring program, it can be a very expensive exercise to monitor the total number of points contained on an average size plant. Maintenance managers under constant budgetary pressures to deliver their monthly targets elect to monitor only large equipment vital to the operation of the plant operations. This idealism and strategy falls short of ascertaining total plant reliability due to the cost of monitoring not being cost effective. The trade off that it is better to monitor some of the equipment rather than all, this allows personnel to sleep easy during the night, but this situation creates a false economy, because even the least significant pump or conveyor bearing in a process plant has the potential to have a devastating impact on production if an unscheduled failure occurs.

As discussed previously with the oil condition monitoring program, similar strategies can be utilised with the development of progressive monitoring philosophies to monitor the majority of plant equipment. If and when abnormalities occur; more advanced vibration techniques are utilised to pinpoint the root cause of the failure mode, this methodology translates to massive savings for the company.

One of the main benefits of a low end vibration monitoring strategy is routines can be conducted utilising unskilled labour, whereby data can be obtained during normal work routines. This provides an exceptional service at a very low cost to the client.


In summary:

Monitor with low end screening tests

Progress to more advanced testing techniques = "SAVINGS TO THE CLIENT"