Resourcing solutions

Economic changes within the industry have forced companies to change their maintenance strategies. With increasing cost of wages and components, the cost of maintenance on plant equipment has elevated. This coupled with increased pressures on production to reduce stock levels and demands from clients for shorter lead times for products and services. Many businesses have reduced costs by not replacing maintenance personnel upon leaving the work force.

This refinement of maintenance personnel has inadvertently created a situation where a once thriving preventative maintenance culture has diminished from the lack of staff to adequately perform routine checks and inspections. Sadly the maintenance system is reverting back to a reactive situation where production demands dictate the level of maintenance; resulting in unscheduled breakdowns, bandaid repairs and product changes to support production output.


External specialised labour recourses provide an effective solution to service plant equipment. The associated labour costs are measurable valves which justifies additional expenditure in the maintenance budget. To support the costs any outlay in the development of preventative maintenance programs will generating continuous ongoing savings through the reduction in maintenance, labour costs, consumable products, and improve production capacity. Companies can expect estimated returns in excess of three to five times from the reduction of unscheduled down time and production output.


To put things into perspective:

"What is the cost of not conducting preventative inspections Vs. the loss of production caused from an unscheduled plant failures".