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Through extensive management and wide a technical support network we continually review our systems and processes to improve our programs. With experiences obtained from a variety of industrial backgrounds, we utilise simple ground root philosophies; consolidating only proven techniques that deliver the highest standards. This ensures the programs operate efficiently, with the equipment operating in a safe & reliable manner in optimum condition.


 Whack-Trillian-icon  Total lubrication management

We fully manage and develop all aspects of preventative maintenance programs tailored to fully integrate into the existing systems. Utilising calculated incremental steps with a systematic review process provides smooth transition when implementing the programs.

 Finder-icon  Consulting & Engineering technical support

Experienced engineering professionals manage and support the development of the lubrication programs, providing cost effective tailored solutions with a strategic organised approach.

Technical support delivers valuable advice on lubricants, condition monitoring techniques, continuous improvement programs and equipment design to improve the application of lubricants.


Control-Panel-icon  Plant set-up & Design

To improve the application of lubricant and the efficiency of the routine activities the plant is designed & set-up to allow the application of lubricants without interruption to production.


Users-icon  Resourcing solutions

TLR Services has experienced lubrication technicians trained in the application of lubricants to manage and further develop lubrication programs. A managed staffing solution provides ongoing savings to the client from more focused lubrication activities and better utilisation of the maintenance workforce.

Resourcing solutions


database-development-icon  Supply arrangements

With an extensive range of consumable products & components to complement all your industrial needs. Supply arrangements provide an excellent solution to manage your inventory and deliver components directly into your store.





Our products

To support the development of the preventative maintenance programs we provide a full range of products that suit your demanding working environment and operating conditions. These products provide quality fundamental tools and equipment to more specialised products that maximise production efficiencies and minimise machine and plant downtime.


Some products in our extensive range:

Lubricant transfer equipment & Accessories


Spill control equipment

Filter housings & Elements One stop shop

Filter breathers

Industrial engraving services

Tubing, fittings & Accessories

Storage solutions






Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring programs provide a strategic, systematic approach to monitor and predict potential equipment failures. A successful condition monitoring program improves equipment reliability, prevents unscheduled plant outages and allows maintenance to be undertaken in low production periods.


Service-iconOil analysis

Oil analysis extends the equipment life by effectively monitoring early stage wear of the equipment and condition of the lubricant. Lubricants are replaced upon condition rather than time based routines.


Oil analysis - Progressive monitoring system



Activity-Monitor-icon2 Vibration analysis

Vibration analysis monitors the machine's physical condition through the non-invasive analysis of the vibrations it creates. The results are trended to providing a detailed history of the equipment.


Vibration analysis - Progressive monitoring system




Themography provides the ability to monitor the thermal condition of equipment determining normal or baseline temperatures, revealing thermal anomalies which deviate from normal.






Industrial Engraving & Signage

To support the development of the preventative maintenance programs we provide quality customized signs & engraving solutions that will enhance and organise your business activities.

Whether you're restricting access to an area, alerting employees to potential hazards, require asset identification or providing simple direction; Signs and labels play an important role in the workplace to identify and control the hazards.


Gear 2 Industrial engraving


Engraving applications include, Customized colour systems, Asset identification tags, Dials & scales, Electrical control panels, and General labels & Tags.


library-icon Industrial signage


Mandatory signs include Prohibition, Warning, Caution and Danger. Sign blanks can be customized by adding your own text to suit your specific requirements.


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